Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life's Hurdles

I woke up this morning after a fitful night of sleep with one of my life's hurdles directly in front of me. I say a "hurdle" because those are what I call my life lessons, or as my father would say "the things in life that give you character". As I look at this hurdle in front of me, I can't help but think of what my fellow Diva blogger just wrote about in Coffee Cup Wisdom. Her thoughts of where we want to be have me thinking and even digging just a little deeper. What does it really mean to be a modern diva? Sure we talk about great gifts, wonderful recipes (soon to come), fun girl nights and even the thoughts that make us wonder where we are in life & how did we get here. But what about when you run into one of your life's hurdles? What do you think about then? How did I get here...what could I have done to prevent this...and the ultimate question of now what??
But there is another part of being a modern diva that sometimes we don't even think about. That is... how we handle our life's hurdles. Friends and family make us feel better or tell us the truth that maybe we don't want to hear. They lend us some "helpful" advice or even just let us vent out our frustration. In being a modern diva, we have to remember that all our past hurdles become a bridge to our future. The bridge needed to help us over the hurdles that are in front of us. As I walk toward my hurdle, I think about all the hurdles I have already! When I walked toward some of those hurdles, I thought that I would never get past them...I thought I was stuck there. But I did...and here I am...a little more experienced, with a little more character and a reminder that its just a hurdle, I can get over this one too.

At this time, all across the world, Modern Divas are being presented with hurdles, whether it be financial, emotional, or physical. So DIVA...reach for your inner strentgh and remember its just a hurdle.


  1. Rose, stand tall and I am sure you will get over this hurdle!Prayers your way and (((hugs))

  2. hey modern diva..what does not kill us..makes us stronger..i think life is about hurdles..look at the hurdle as life lessons..take baby steps and you will be fine..

  3. what a great post. These are the times when we realize that we cannot grow unless we face and overcome our hurdles. And then we look back at them and realize that it might have seemed like a hurdle at the time, but in the grand scheme of was only a speed bump.