Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coffee Cup Wisdom

Wisdom is a funny thing, well fickle I think is a better term. Wouldn't it be nice if every morning wisdom left you a little note! Nothing to fancy just something taped to the refrigerator door that leaves you with that feeling that you are just a little bit smarter, or a little bit more in tuned with the world around you, something to give you that "AH-HA" feeling! Unfortunately that's not the way Wisdom likes to work. Wisdom is never consistent in where you will find it, kinda like that lost sock from the dryer that likes to appear randomly. Sometimes it shows up in a great book, or from a parent or child and as much as we don't like to admit it, it even likes to show up in our favorite TV shows. But tonight Wisdom decided to appear to me in a less then likely location.......Here's my story.......

Its 7:30 pm, I'm seated in the second row, leaning against the wall of my Spanish 201 class. Instead of paying attention I'm daydreaming (do you call it daydreaming at night?) of the fabulous weekend I'm going to have while sipping on my double shot latte from Starbuck's. Yes, I know having a double shot latte is insane at 7:30 pm but the caffeine is the only thing that makes learning at 7:30 at night enjoyable! Soon I become saddened because my heavenly drink has come to an end, but to my surprise I see the words "The way I see it" on the side of my cup. Thrilled that I don't have to start paying attention just yet I eagerly remove the cardboard cup holder and begin to read the wisdom of quote #26!....Here's what it said.......

"Failure's hard, but success is far more dangerous. If you're successful at the wrong things, the mix of praise and money and opportunity can lock you in forever."--Po Bronson

This quote really hit home for me. Personally, I'm going to be graduating in May with a B.S. in Business Management and I'm TERRIFIED! Not only because the economy is teetering on the edge of a deep dark cliff and I may have to take a $10 an hour job with a degree, but more because we all dream of being successful at something we love. Time flies and before you know it you may be successful but at what cost? Did you lose your way? Did you forget who you were? Are you no longer the happy person you once were? It just made me realize that when people ask me what I want to do, I should have a real answer not just an "I don't know." I should really know what I want to do so I am successful at all the right stuff and never the wrong!

So my message to all of you in Blogger Land....take a moment and look at your life and make sure that what you are doing is whats right and not whats right, right now! Because even success can be negative and that will follow you or "lock" you in forever! Take it or leave it, but today wisdom came to ME on a coffee cup!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Comic!

Hello, fellow divas! This is your comic artist for Modern Diva, presenting my first comic! Hope you enjoy!

Here's the URL for those who cant read the text: here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its Official-I Need Rehab or a Good Sedative!

Its roughly 11:30 pm on a Tuesday night, my husband has been asleep for hours as well as my 3 furry, four legged kids! But while everyone else is dreaming of sugar plum fairies I continue to get carpal tunnel in my left wrist (yeah weird, not sure why its not in both wrists!) because I am completely addicted to everything that deals with social networking!! Or maybe its the double shot latte I had at 6:30 pm...hmmm could be!

Regardless of why I'm still awake I knew if I tried to go to sleep I would just lie in bed listening to my dog and husband snore while my mind raced with wonderful blog posts ideas.

"Well Jen why don't you get up and type all these great post" you M.D. Followers ask!

And I reply, "Like I didn't already think of that Silly! See for the past 2 weeks I jump out of bed running to the computer to type up my excellent post ideas but instead meet my good old friend Mr. Writer's Block (not sure why he is always bothering me, doesnt he have a depressed, double personality suffering writer to bother?). So tonight I decided to just let my hyperactive mind take control and write about NOTHING!!! Maybe just letting my thoughts and emotions out will help to allow the other creative thoughts flow better...I shall see!"

OK OK thats enough crazy caffine induced rant for the night...maybe now my mind will go into "Hibernation Mode". If it works I'm for sure doing a rant post every night!!

Goodnight M.D. Nation and hopefully you are sleeping better then I!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Who Needs Foundation When You Got This...


I recently came across this product during my husbands birthday getaway. While my husband was getting a massage (a special treat from me) I walked over to Nordstrom (Horton Plaza, San Diego) to get my make-up done for our evening out downtown. I walked around desperately trying not to make eye contact with any of the girls who looked like they just left center stage at the circus or had a second job as a street walker, all I wanted was someone who looked normal but with all the right features played up. That's when I spotted Yazmin, her makeup was perfect! I walked over to her and asked if she had time to help me look fabulous and luckily she said yes! We went over to the Smashbox counter where she sat me down and then went to work. Not being completely out of the loop with make-up I was familiar with Smashbox, in the past I had purchased some of their eye shadows but I had never really used/liked foundations in general so when Yazmin used their Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer I was thoroughly excited! It was lightweight, oil-free, had a UVA/UVB SPF 15 and I couldn't even tell I was wearing anything. My skin tone was flawless and it left my skin with a wonderful healthy glow. I absolutely love this product and to top it off my make-up looked amazing all night!!!

Price: $30 but a little goes a LONG WAY soo less is more!

I give it Top Diva Honors-

Below is the Finished Product!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday To A True Modern Diva!

Today my little sister turned 22! This is the first year that I have not been with Megan on her birthday. So to honor this special day I decided to write a special birthday blog for her!

Two years ago she moved to Seattle to finish college, I knew once she left she would probably never come back. She was always the one to spread her wings and fly! Its incredible to see how much Megan has evolved into the women she is now and how creative and strong she has become. She is truly a Modern Diva! She is a full time student, has a full time job, is in the process of planning her wedding and in the mist of it all still manages to create an assortment of delicious baked goods (mainly for her man since he has a a crazy sweet tooth) and whip out a few sewing, photography or any other creative project. OH...and she is even making her own wedding invitations...if that is not a Modern Diva I don't know what is! I am truly proud to be her sister!

Happy Birthday Little Sis!
I love you so much and miss you everyday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Perfectly Pampered at Home

In today's economy it can be nearly impossible to give oneself a day at the spa. So instead of forgoing groceries, plan a spa party at home with all of your girlfriends! Creating spa treatments is as easy as opening up your refrigerator door!

To Plan your Modern Diva Spa Party:

-Send out a free Evite to all of your girlfriends

-Give each friend a spa treatment recipe to bring and share with one another (wash, scrub, masks, eye treatments,)

-Make a large batch of homemade foot soak (this can be done the day before) and just re-heat on the stove 10 minutes before the party is scheduled to begin

-Set the "Spa Mood" with candles, relaxing music, wine or champagne and an assortment of fruit and cheeses (or ask the girls to bring their favorite "spa" treat)

-If you are feeling extra creative ask each friend to chose a guest and create a goody bag for them (that way the expense is shared among all the guests)! These can include: scented tea lights, bath teas, small jars of homemade body scrubs, and recipe cards of the featured treatments from each guest at the party!

Suggested Order of Events:

***First and foremost, when enjoying your Modern Diva spa party remember that YOU need time too and don't feel guilty about indulging for a few hours! If you don't pamper yourself, who will?

-As guests arrive have them help themselves to appetizers and drinks a soak their tired achy feet in a warm foot soak.

-Next pamper the skin with a gentle face wash. A good choice and gentle enough for all skin types is the Sweet and Sour Cleaner.

-After skin is cleansed, prime it for a mask with some gentle exfoliation from a Sugar-and Spice Scrub or a Citrus Scrubbing Grains. Scrub face with either mixture for about 2-3 minutes then rinse and pat dry. *NOTE: The Sugar and Spice Scrub is excellent for all skin types while the Citrus Scrubbing Grains is a bit more invigorating and may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

Now the skin is ready to receive a relaxing, rejuvenating mask. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes then rinse and pat dry. *NOTE: If you used the Citrus Scrubbing Grains be careful using the Exfoliating Tomato Lemon Mask, it may be to much exfoliation and cause irritation.

-Last but not least make sure to pamper those tired eyes with a soothing eye mask for about 5 to 10 minutes and then follow with an oil free moisturizer on the face (this can be your normal daily moisturizer)!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fast, Affordable Valentine's Day Gift

We all know Valentine's Day can become costly and not to mention make it difficult to fit into our pants the next day! Instead of packing on the calories, purchasing overly priced roses or buying that ridiculously large stuffed animal do yourself and the gift receiver(s) a favor and create a budget saving/fat free/calorie free goody bag for your best friend, significant other, parent or child! All the products were purchased at Michaels from the $1 and $2 dollar bins. Everything below was $1 except for the tea lights which were $2, bringing the total cost of the gift to just $7!! I went with a wine theme because many of my girlfriends enjoy wine but if your gift receiver(s) does not, Michaels and other craft or discount stores will often have little gifts between $1-$5.

Below are photos of everything I put in my Valentine's Day goody bag and a picture of the final product! Just remember get creative and think about what the receiver(s) enjoys! This will guarantee that the person receiving this heart felt gift will really enjoy it!

Sheer Wine Bag, Cute Coasters, Paper Napkins

Wine Bottle Cork, Tea Lights, Wine Charms

The Final Product!!!