Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wine Tasting in M.D. Fashion!

Today I bring you the first segment of D'Vine Wines and Virtual Tastings. All the wines I will be sharing with you are special because they are enjoyable, affordable and wont leave you feeling hung-over financial. I will be going to places like Costco, Trader Joe's and other local wine stores to find and share wines that taste like a second mortgage but at a cost all of us can afford to enjoy! We've all seen wines with high rating only to later learn that you had to forgo groceries for a month just to enjoy it's experience.....BUT since the wine industry has been affected by the current economy there are great opportunities to experience numerous great wines at reasonable prices!

In true wine tasting fashion, I will be tasting and writing about no more then five wines at a time. This is to make sure the palate is not over stimulated in each virtual tasting. The important thing is to enjoy the experience without bankrupting your wallet!


Juan Gil 2006 Juan Gil

Robert Parker-91 Points

Spain is one of my favorite value regions for wine in the world! This amazing red from the Spanish importer Jorge Ordonez that is 100% pure Monastrell (Mourvedre) is a great example why. It demonstrates what is so amazing about the region of Jumilla. BIG, BOLD, Jammy fruit, expressive aromas and full bodied complexity (these are all attributes that I love in wines). The color is an inky violet. The nose is an intense floral, spice and red berry aromas all which offer striking pungency and clarity! The sweet red fruit on the palate, which is dusted by sexy oak spices and finishes off the taste with a suave gingerbread quality. All of this reminds me of a Southern Rhone wine! This wine is a TRUE Modern Diva find!!! Find this affordable luxury at Whole Foods or other local wine stores costing between $11-$14.

Twin Creeks 2004 Interlude Cabernet Sauvignon

Some People buy wines strictly on liking the label. Well if you are one of them you got lucky!!! Not only is the label an art work in itself but the the wine is a great choice and a great value! This Cabernet Sauvignon is bright, bold and full-bodied, but smooth on the finish. The dark color is enhanced by aromas of pepper and spice. The primary flavors are of black current, blackberries, cherries and the again the kick of pepper. This Cabernet Sauvignon I feel represents a wine that tastes like it costs more then you actually paid! Its such a great deal it can be enjoyed as your everyday pleasure! It's a great wine to enhance roast meats, most cheeses and of course CHOCOLATE!!!! A Napa Valley wine steal at only $11-14.

Sextant 2007 Wheelhouse Zinfandel

If Zins are your SINS, then look no further then for some excellent values from Central California. When you pour this wine in a glass feel how this wine is sumptuous and inviting. The 2007 Sextant Wheelhouse Zin summons a range of fruit characteristics that are underscored by supple tannins. To begin, a touch of cherries flow into hints of dark chocolate which roll into soft notes of raspberries only to be overtaken by a flavorful bite of red plums. Like the turn of a wheel, the structure is circular and the finish lingers with lasting momentum! Another great value at $14-$17.

Maipe 2008 Malbec

Robert Parker-90 Points

Argentina is another great region for valued wines. I love the complexity that a great Malbec can bring to the table. The 2008 Malbec by Maipe is a glass-coating purple color with a striking perfume of violets, black cherry and black raspberry. Exhibiting a surprising complexity for its price category, this wine has gobs of fruit and savory flavors and excellent depth and length. It is an outstanding wine value for enjoying at your next BBQ or just to enjoy a relaxing evening. At only $6-$9 its cheaper then a night out at the movies! Date Night Tip: For all us Penny Pinching a bottle of this and order a movie off the T.V....all for under $15!!!



  1. I love a good glass of wine!!
    Great blog...I found your site over off the UBP 2009 site. It's nice to meet you.

  2. I'd like a glass of the Cab. Yumm.

  3. Love the first wine tasting blog! Looking forward to trying these wines out, hope BEVMO carries them :) My wine club is taking a "break", so this couldn't come at a better time...maybe you could do some Michael & Davids? I let you know how the wine tasting went :P

  4. You can find the Maipe Malbec at Costco for less then $8.00. Juan Gil I have seen at Wholefoods as well as local wine stores. Twin Creeks and Sextant, I have found in local wine stores. Good luck and enjoy them as much as I did. D'Vine