Thursday, March 5, 2009

Healthy Lifestyle Suggestion!

Something I did for myself today that felt really good!

A healthy lifestyle isn't just about nutrition or exercise, it's about feeling good about yourself, projecting the positive. I want to share with you something that I did today that has me smiling and feeling good about myself.

It actually started last night with an Internet search for an old friend. I found him or rather where he was working, without too difficult a search, living on the other side of the country. I sent a generic email under the "contact us" section of his employer, with just a request that they forward my email address to this individual. And, with an amazing display of customer service, this company actually did forward my email and he contacted me! I hadn't listed my maiden name, wondered if he would know who I was, and amazingly he did. We talked today, shared where we were with our lives some 30 years since we first met, reminisced, for over 2 hours.

My point is that contacting an old friend, being able to talk about ourselves with someone who doesn't know our day-in/day-out drudgery, hearing ourselves focus on the positives with our lives is a great morale booster. It helped me appreciate all the wonderful things in my life. I reaffirmed how proud I was of my daughters, how much I loved my husband and appreciated my life.

Reconnect with someone from your past, find an old friend, tell them the best parts of your life today and you'll feel better after. Whatever your age this suggestion applies. If you're under 25 connect with someone from those 'awkward' teenage years and you'll realize how far you've grown, if you're over 50 reconnecting with high school or college forgotten friends helps us remember the 'tingle' of youth!

Sharing is good for the soul!


  1. An old friend called me out of the blue a week ago. It was great!!

  2. It is great to contact old friends. I have been doing the same recently. I always had in my head a few women I thought had it all. I always held myself to this standard. I looked them up and they are very successful, but have not yet began their families. I have a family and working on the business success part of life. Now I am okay with it. I had no clue I was doing it.

  3. Happy VGNO! The funny thing for me is that I feel healthier for NOT connecting with people from the past. That's why I avoid facebook.