Sunday, February 15, 2009

Perfectly Pampered at Home

In today's economy it can be nearly impossible to give oneself a day at the spa. So instead of forgoing groceries, plan a spa party at home with all of your girlfriends! Creating spa treatments is as easy as opening up your refrigerator door!

To Plan your Modern Diva Spa Party:

-Send out a free Evite to all of your girlfriends

-Give each friend a spa treatment recipe to bring and share with one another (wash, scrub, masks, eye treatments,)

-Make a large batch of homemade foot soak (this can be done the day before) and just re-heat on the stove 10 minutes before the party is scheduled to begin

-Set the "Spa Mood" with candles, relaxing music, wine or champagne and an assortment of fruit and cheeses (or ask the girls to bring their favorite "spa" treat)

-If you are feeling extra creative ask each friend to chose a guest and create a goody bag for them (that way the expense is shared among all the guests)! These can include: scented tea lights, bath teas, small jars of homemade body scrubs, and recipe cards of the featured treatments from each guest at the party!

Suggested Order of Events:

***First and foremost, when enjoying your Modern Diva spa party remember that YOU need time too and don't feel guilty about indulging for a few hours! If you don't pamper yourself, who will?

-As guests arrive have them help themselves to appetizers and drinks a soak their tired achy feet in a warm foot soak.

-Next pamper the skin with a gentle face wash. A good choice and gentle enough for all skin types is the Sweet and Sour Cleaner.

-After skin is cleansed, prime it for a mask with some gentle exfoliation from a Sugar-and Spice Scrub or a Citrus Scrubbing Grains. Scrub face with either mixture for about 2-3 minutes then rinse and pat dry. *NOTE: The Sugar and Spice Scrub is excellent for all skin types while the Citrus Scrubbing Grains is a bit more invigorating and may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

Now the skin is ready to receive a relaxing, rejuvenating mask. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes then rinse and pat dry. *NOTE: If you used the Citrus Scrubbing Grains be careful using the Exfoliating Tomato Lemon Mask, it may be to much exfoliation and cause irritation.

-Last but not least make sure to pamper those tired eyes with a soothing eye mask for about 5 to 10 minutes and then follow with an oil free moisturizer on the face (this can be your normal daily moisturizer)!


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  1. What a great idea! I will have to try this spa idea soon and relax! My toes get tired from chasing three little ones all day.
    Have a great Monday!