Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its Official-I Need Rehab or a Good Sedative!

Its roughly 11:30 pm on a Tuesday night, my husband has been asleep for hours as well as my 3 furry, four legged kids! But while everyone else is dreaming of sugar plum fairies I continue to get carpal tunnel in my left wrist (yeah weird, not sure why its not in both wrists!) because I am completely addicted to everything that deals with social networking!! Or maybe its the double shot latte I had at 6:30 pm...hmmm could be!

Regardless of why I'm still awake I knew if I tried to go to sleep I would just lie in bed listening to my dog and husband snore while my mind raced with wonderful blog posts ideas.

"Well Jen why don't you get up and type all these great post" you M.D. Followers ask!

And I reply, "Like I didn't already think of that Silly! See for the past 2 weeks I jump out of bed running to the computer to type up my excellent post ideas but instead meet my good old friend Mr. Writer's Block (not sure why he is always bothering me, doesnt he have a depressed, double personality suffering writer to bother?). So tonight I decided to just let my hyperactive mind take control and write about NOTHING!!! Maybe just letting my thoughts and emotions out will help to allow the other creative thoughts flow better...I shall see!"

OK OK thats enough crazy caffine induced rant for the night...maybe now my mind will go into "Hibernation Mode". If it works I'm for sure doing a rant post every night!!

Goodnight M.D. Nation and hopefully you are sleeping better then I!


  1. hi there, visiting from B!F! I am a new follower!

  2. OHHHH, I totally get you right now!! I am completely addicted to my blog, others blogs, facebook, e-mails. One of the reasons my hubby won't let me have an iphone. I know...it sounds primitive, but, he knows I would be on it 24/7 and I am in denial about it!!!

  3. Hope you've been able to sleep better since getting some words on "paper."