Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fast, Affordable Valentine's Day Gift

We all know Valentine's Day can become costly and not to mention make it difficult to fit into our pants the next day! Instead of packing on the calories, purchasing overly priced roses or buying that ridiculously large stuffed animal do yourself and the gift receiver(s) a favor and create a budget saving/fat free/calorie free goody bag for your best friend, significant other, parent or child! All the products were purchased at Michaels from the $1 and $2 dollar bins. Everything below was $1 except for the tea lights which were $2, bringing the total cost of the gift to just $7!! I went with a wine theme because many of my girlfriends enjoy wine but if your gift receiver(s) does not, Michaels and other craft or discount stores will often have little gifts between $1-$5.

Below are photos of everything I put in my Valentine's Day goody bag and a picture of the final product! Just remember get creative and think about what the receiver(s) enjoys! This will guarantee that the person receiving this heart felt gift will really enjoy it!

Sheer Wine Bag, Cute Coasters, Paper Napkins

Wine Bottle Cork, Tea Lights, Wine Charms

The Final Product!!!

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